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Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman
"To top it off, usually they don't know as much about trains as me.." Who do you talk to?! Meet me track side and rap your game to me! Maybe, just maybe, I'll play dumb and let you tell me how it is, get real and get a life! I forgot more about railroading than you WILL EVER KNOW!! I don't care if your a friend of a dispatchers brother! I know MUCH more than him, trust me! Being in the field is better than sitting in the comfort of a chair! Don't believe me? Want to debate this?
I really take exception to people that are not railroaders but claim to have the knowledge.

-- Kevin R. Kohler, Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers.
So why are you here? I'm not trying to knock you off your highchair, but I know a number of employees who don't know shet about their job.

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