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Originally Posted by Scolagiaco View Post
EMT, how was I trespassing? I asked the attendant in the check-in booth if I was allowed to watch the action and I was told yes, and I parked my car where she pointed me to park it. I went right to the platform and sat down on the bench as close as I could before the sign "Amtrak employees only"....
I dont beleive I was trespassing.
And as for an update and what I've done so far...
I emailed amtrak on the customer service portion of their website asking for the policy on railfanning at Amtrak stations and havnt received a response as of yet.
Also, the Amtrak Officer turned over the radio to CSX and after speaking with CSX, the radio will not be returned. Their reports show it was reported lost by a CSXT employee and now shows it recovered. out of luck. Happy F****** railfanning..... I can detect from the tone of the CSX guys voice.
Even though you asked the attendant, Amtrak passed a policy about a year ago that only ticketed passengers are to be on the platform (there is a thread on here somewhere about it). Hence, you were trespassing. The attendant was also at fault for granting you access. It happens all of the time, whether like in your instance, or a friend sneaking you in the cab for a ride along down the branch for the day. Those instances are very appreciated on our part, but technicalities are technicalities. It would be like you telling one of your friends that they can borrow your dad's car. You gave him permission, but it's not your car to say so.
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