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Originally Posted by JWH View Post
I concur.
Why does the railfan believe that they can enter a corporation's property (owned or leased) to pursue the hobby. Perhaps it is only, me but there are so many locations, angles and conditions that outweigh station shots. Very similar to the Garden of Eden, you can have or do anything the in the garden except from that particular tree, but you know the rest of the story. I don't want to sound like a preacher sermonizing, but why do some believe that they are arrogantly entitled to do what they want for the sole purpose of their pleasure? Right or wrong, agree or disagree with Amtrak's policy, stupid as it may seem, but it is their right to protect their property, assets and employees as they see fit. When I was with CN, I don't recall in my rules instructions classes that my job was to include being a prop for someones trackside hobby photos.
Very well said. However, some folk believe that they can simply do as they please and act as they please. Unfortunately, the same is true with this radio issue. The only arguement presented was better range, gain and less interferrence. Really? Risk it all for that? And to Chase and Chris Paulhamus who are "confused", my opinion is simply that, my opinion. And Chris, the rape analogy is totally irrelevant to this, seriously. Just take a step back and analyize this from a different perspective, you may see it differently and understand that this is not an arguement or combative standing from me, I'm just trying to help some stay out of trouble.

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