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Default Favorite Scheme?

Okay, I'll give in to the foamer inside me for a minute. What is your favorite paint scheme on a locomotive?

Personally, I'll go with MRL. I love that shade of blue. And they usually keep their locos pretty clean so it always looks good.

Image © Robert Forsstrom
PhotoID: 456245
Photograph © Robert Forsstrom

I used to the like the schemes the Great Smoky Mountains had on theirs like these:

I know this is a little quirky but I liked em'.
Image © Tom Sink
PhotoID: 390387
Photograph © Tom Sink


Image © Sid Vaught
PhotoID: 303404
Photograph © Sid Vaught

But then they went and did this. Now they don't match the cars or the scenery the railroad is famous for:

Image ©
Photograph ©

and this:

Image © Nick McLean
PhotoID: 411888
Photograph © Nick McLean


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