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Originally Posted by hoydie17 View Post
What Charles says... the FCC should control the internet. It's the best chance of everyone getting a fair presence on the web.
Yes - the Government knows what's best for us and we should trust them! To put faith in a system where by several companies compete against each other for your business is dumb. The Government needs to be able to decide what we need, how much it should cost, and who should be allowed to have it. It's not about what works, but who's working it.

Actually, this is an interesting topic - on one hand, you don't want the big guys to have a monopoly over the little guys. An unfair price advantage, but on the other hand, you CERTAINLY don't want the Government's paws on this!

I can see it now - free Internet service for Congressmen and their families. A tax on e-mails. A mysterious bandwidth issue affecting only conservative sites. The suspension of a wrath of sites deemed unnecessary or detrimental to current policy by our (your (lol)) leaders.

Reminds me of the Taxi cab union. You can't start a taxi cab company because of the regulations that the union had the Government put in to effect. Uber - forget out it! Want to start a company in DC, - NOPE! The Government says there is enough service already (it sucks, it's expensive, but hey -they paid for that certification sticker on the car!).

Competition is a good thing - it brings down prices and raises quality. If you want to introduce a law, introduce or support one that helps the little guys - not one that gives all power to one single institution and the biases and corruption that come with it.

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