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All organisms are programmed in their DNA to try and survive and thrive. To do this they attempt to control as much of that thing that gives them sustenance as they can.

For governments that sustenance comes from power.

For corporations that sustenance comes from money.

And while neither is a pure organism in the absolute definition of the word, when people come together to form a government or a corporation they tend to act in that thing's survival/thrive interests the same way the good bacteria in your body acts to help you survive thrive.

The only thing that honestly keeps them in check is that they are each others' natural enemy.

Still - there is a need to grow and get more money at corporations and there is a need to grow and get more power in governments and those two "needs" are the cause of much that is wrong today.

I have no solution - I only see the problem. In the end both are equally susceptible to corruption and greed - and both are run by people who are, after all, only human.

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