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Originally Posted by unionpacificfreak
.... but judging by what I saw yesterday, I think something should be done. Ideas or opinions? Thanks.
Yeah, something should be done, the drivers should look first. Someone just got floorwaxed on the BNSF here yesterday at a crossing without a gate or flashers. Of course, the usual witnesses said the train was not blowing its horn. They also mentioned how hard it is to see trains. Well, I can tell you I have been to that crossing many times, and if you stop first and look, the 1/2 mile straight stretch to the west from where this train was coming is not hard to see. Anyway, the state trooper mentioned on the news something to the affect of, hey, if there is only a crossbuck, you have to stop and look. I couldn't agree more. It's up to the state to determine where gates need to go. It is supposed to be up to people to look for themselves to see if a train is coming, although we all know a lot of them don't. Personal responsibility........ what's that?

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