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Originally Posted by LAHDPOP
Average is 174 views for my whopping 8 accepted photos. Man, I need to get busy. This one had right at 174...

Image © Bret Stringer
PhotoID: 112903
Photograph © Bret Stringer

Edit: Hey, I win so far, with the lowest average views. I should get a "Get One Un-Rejected Free" certificate.
Still waiting for that Un-Reject certificate!

I haven't exactly been a flurry of productivity since this original post, but I did have a decent year in 2006, before I kind of put the hobby on hold. Currently, I have 49 shots in the database, with an average of about 557 views. Unfortunately, the picture closest to 557 views is this horrible shot of a beat up UP unit:

Image © Bret Stringer
PhotoID: 114150
Photograph © Bret Stringer

If I remove the photo of a damaged unit from the calculations, I get a new average of 497 views, which just happens to exactly match the photo referenced in my original post quoted above. I guess there's no escaping it; it's an average photo!
Bret Stringer

I didn't say it was your fault.... I said I was going to blame you.

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