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Default Trends

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm happy that this shot is in the top of 24 running

Image © Ben Sutton
PhotoID: 315981
Photograph © Ben Sutton

But, it wasn't what I was expecting. I wasn't so much expecting top of 24 for the one below, but at least more views than the shot above. The shot above is nice, but it really isn't thought out as much as the 2 below.

Image © Ben Sutton
PhotoID: 316013
Photograph © Ben Sutton

Image © Ben Sutton
PhotoID: 315978
Photograph © Ben Sutton

Is anyone else seeing this trend lately? Or is it hard to say what hits and what misses on the site anymore for popularity?

Again, I'm flattered it made top of 24 and all the views that everyone has put into it, I appreciate it greatly, just wasn't what I was expecting. Especially since we're pressed to strive for better shots and stray away from the average wedgie anymore for the site. Which is great, better photographs, although I do tend to stray away and shoot the occasional wedgie or 2...or 3.....or 10, lol. Opinions or thoughts for the discussion?


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