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Originally Posted by bnsf sammy
Hope this helps...Chris, do you think if I sharpened the photo a hair, it would have a better chance of being accepted?
The photo is blurry, not soft. Softness (except for in extreme cases) can be resolved with sharpening, but not blur. As you work more with digital photography, you'll be able to tell the difference between the two -- and it's very hard to describe in words.

A very important piece of information missing in the EXIF data you've posted is the shutter speed, although I can't imagine at f/5.6 and ISO 50 that it was too high. To me, the shot looks like it was taken at a fairly low shutter speed, and you weren't perfectly still, resulting in image blur.

I'm also concerned about the "Compress Rate: 2.0 bits/pixel" entry. I don't know exactly what that means, but if it means your camera is compressing photos as it takes them, you need to find out how to disable that feature.. ASAP!
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