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Kevin, I'm a fan of verticals more than most but I don't care for the ones proposed here. Too ordinary, just engine and trees, cloudy/common to me. So I much prefer your approach, because it keeps more of the scene, and I will work on that.

As for the "elements", pretty is pretty and this isn't it, and that doesn't bother me so much - because, regrettably, I seem to run into it all the time. But I understand the issue with respect to its general appeal.

Loyd, ha ha. Actually, it is an interesting question of what sort of weather is best for shooting a northbound train that runs only at 11:30am, so no beginning/end of day side light. I happened to get stuck with dark overcast, maybe light overcast? I'd say a snowy day with light overcast. Not much possibility of that, and frankly this location isn't so wonderful that I am going to seek out other opportunities.
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