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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
It isn't just a matter of what CSX calls them. The AH is a "H"eavier engine, so higher low-speed tractive effort, along with software oriented toward tractive effort, better for low-speed coal heading uphill. To my knowledge CSX has no ES44AC units but it has both CW44AC and CW44AH models.
CW44AC - CSXT 1-494
CW44AH - CSXT 495-599
CW44AH - CSXT 5101-5122

ES44AH - CSXT 700-999
ES40DC - CSXT 5200-5501

Iowa Interstate ES44ACs and NS 8000-series ES44AC's are all "heavy" but are still classified by their owners without the "H".

As far as I know BNSF is the only railroad to have ES44C4 locomotives. The "4" stands for 4 traction motors.
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