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Well my job "forces" me to spend a lot of time on the road, and I can select the routes I travel from place to place. So for most of that time I am flying blind, with just a scanner to alert me if everything falls into place. Anything I get while working is a bonus.

At home I will monitor the scanner if I might be going out, and watch message boards. I have started using ATCS which in my location gives me a good heads up when trains are coming from each direction, but not what they are. Combine with internet radio streams and you can get an idea of what is coming. So I guess I am informed when I choose to be.

Sometimes I don't want to mess with all the tech, and just want to spend time trackside. It's easy to suck the fun out of railfanning by trying to be too informed, for me at least. Of course that's easier for me to say, when I will almost always get a couple of trains by spending an hour along the Staples Sub. If traffic was lighter my view would be different I am sure.
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