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Originally Posted by Cinderpath
As for the idea that MACs are preferred for photo editing, had to do with Apple being at the time (a decade ago) a leader in color profiling, color spaces, etc, when it was virtually absent on the PC side. It is little remarked, but Apple had a key role in the advancement of digital photography by providing the architecture, and most importantly creating standards to support digital imagery. Windows has made great strides in this area, and it is equal to a MAC in terms of photo editing, but given the choice, I personally prefer a MAC.
I'm also a Mac and PC user. I started my digital photography about eight years ago on a Mac, because the advice I got at the time was that Mac was better for photography. Now I don't think it makes much difference. I recently purchased a bottom of the line Toshiba laptop for my son, and my pics look as good on its screen as they do on my big Mac cinema screen on my Mac desktop or my Macbook Pro. If I were starting all over, I'd give PC a hard look. On the other hand I remain very happy with my eight year old Mac desktop.

And I agree about Apple's innovation and quality. The Mac Mini (my wife has one) is an amazing machine designed to help you recycle stuff like keyboards and monitors that may not crap out when the motherboard goes. It makes Mac very price competitive, and is a very capable puter. And Apple design and quality is first rate. My old G4 motors on, having outlived two IBM laptops followed by two Toshiba laptops. And it is so well designed that opening it up and adding or replacing a component is relatively easy, even for a techno dinosaur like me.
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