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Lets break this down.

http://www. - this must mean it has a web address - name of the site
addphotos - must be a link by where you can upload photos
quidelines - information to help you with what they want but not like rules

So who cares what that link says about any photo that is already in the database. Nick's photo I think might even stand on it's own without the girls and canoe. The girls and canoe add a lot to that photo. It feels like they were out on the lake enjoying the summer day as a train goes by. It tells a story and has more meaning than just look, a train.

The rejected photo isn't very strong. If there were more of a crowd it might work better. It looks like a roster shot of one car that 3 other cars some how got into along with a womens head that appears to be the main subject of the photo. It just isn't a strong photo on it's own. Maybe in a set of 4 or 10 it would work much better.
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