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Default Finally . . .

How long ago was it that I reported here that in the comments section of a webpage about the railroad, a Conway school teacher(?) said that the copper wiring at the Pine Island Drawbridge had been stolen?

And, that I was unable to find anything about it in local reports of copper thefts?

And, no one I mentioned it to, had heard anything about it.

Apparently,the theft has finally come to the attention of law enforcement and the media.

The upper right corner ofthe Myrtle Beach Herald of July 10, 2015, has a photo of the drawbridge,with the caption, "Landmark Bridge Vandalized," page 11A.

On Page 11A, the photo is repeated, in 2 columns, with the story, "Iconic drawbride vandalized, copper wire stolen."

According to the story,the police report on the theft was dated June 30, and the County Public Works Department's initial estimate of repairing the grand larceny is $250,000.
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