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Thanks for the posts, Troy12n and BR549.

Yes, the fact that the railroad was closed and the drawbridge wasn't being used, gave the thieves the opportunity to steal the wiring.

But, I am just wondering if the County had been doing the maintenence runs to keep the bridge in working order, after the lease with B&A, dba Carolina Southern was cancelled.

And, I am wondering just when the last time that the bridge was lowered, was.

There is a u-tube video of it being lowered for Tropical Storm Irene, in September of 2011, although I am not sure if that was before or after that final train to Pine Island, where Norfolk and Southern could not get their empty train back?

Regardless, proper precautions for a hurrican or tropical storm were still being followed.

Also, with that u-tube video, I learned that the gates were taken off of the grade crossings while the storm was on the way.

In the past four years, since that bridge lowering, have their been any more tropical storms, or hurricanes with winds of 25 MPH, passing by the area, which rquired lowering the bridge?
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