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Last night was the County Council's meeting date.

And, it should have been the second of the three readings required to finalize the lease of the Conway to Myrtle Beach track to R.J. Corman.

I finally found out, that on my cable TV system, the channel with the County Council meetings is an extra, requiring an adapter and a fee, that I don't want to pay.

Back in 2012, the council meetings were still available on my cable system, and I do have a VHS of Mr. Pippin speaking to the Council, the first time that the Chairman of the Council had met Mr. Pippin in person.

I did get a copy of the lease, and it is stated that the Waccamaw River drawbridge is to be put into working condition by the County.

The lease is actually two leases:

The first lease goes from Conway to the Pine Island drawbridge, which the lease specifically states is not being leased to Corman.

Then, there is a second lease, for the track east of the waterway, to the terminal point in Myrtle Beach, and again the lease agreement states that Corman is not leasing the drawbridge along with the track.
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