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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Like everything in life today - someone had to do it to get the ball rolling on future preventative measures.

Personally, I think drones are like guns - there's only so much of something people have a right to until you reach insanity. Don't get me wrong - I'm all for the rights of drones and gun owners, but within limits.
I think that there needs to be at least some limits on everything. Experience tends to show that when a greater percentage of the population gets their hands on a potentially dangerous technology, we will have problems. Just look at the combination of cars and cell phones. The less control we have on access, and the less we punish the offenders, the more dangerous things get.

Remotely piloted aircraft have been around for a very long time. When I was a kid, RC models were the pinnacle. The great thing about those was that like manned aircraft, they required a pretty high degree of skill to operate. People with more money than brains were dissuaded from buying these machines, because they didn't have the patience to learn to fly one properly, and without training and supervision, they'd likely trash their investment before they got past the departure end of the runway. Local RC clubs policed the sport very well. If you had a reputation as a rogue, you just didn't get training. Although they were not certificated by FAA, RC pilots really were "pilots."

The current generation of RPAs.....what the public calls "drones" no longer require much in the way of flying skill to operate. Anyone with a few hundred bucks can wander down to Best Buy and get one. No tests, no hoops to jump. The thing is.....they still require AIRMANSHIP to operate safely. Airmanship is a unique combination of knowledges of the man, the machine and the environment, coupled with judgment and attention to detail. While there is no way to guarantee that even with training, someone will become a good airman, a formal training program, and the requirement to EARN the credentials to act as pilot really does help. And as a safeguard, there also needs to be a set of rules and serious consequences for violating those rules. The cat may be out of the bag with respect to requiring training, but in my mind we can still keep things from getting out of control by sending a clear message that the authorities are watching, and they are not going to condone the kind of reckless behavior we see in this video.

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