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Originally Posted by JohnJ View Post
As for the other points raised above - it appears from the video, and I confirmed with a friend in Detroit, that this appears to have been over downtown Detroit:

-Violating a Temporary Flight Restriction
There were no TFRs in place for this event.
Fair enough. It surprises me a bit though. The demo teams typically get TFRs, even for flyovers, arrival maneuvers, etc. just to ensure that they won't be interfered with in terms of being able to make their time over target, and so the flight lead is able to focus on the mission vs. deconflicting for traffic.

Originally Posted by JohnJ View Post
-Flying above 400' AGL
If the operator was an FAA Part 107 certificate holder (many drone operators are), depending on the circumstance, he could have been over 1000' AGL without needing authorization.
Given the egregious nature of the offense, I'm willing to bet that this clown didn't hold any kind of pilot certificate. I assume you're rated and if so, you're well aware that doing something dumb with a drone could result in actions against all of the certificates and ratings we hold. People like this idiot don't worry about those things.

Originally Posted by JohnJ View Post
- He probably busted the Detroit Class B as well.
Downtown Detroit below 700' AGL is Class G (uncontrolled airspace) and above 700' is Class E, which for drone operations doesn't need FAA authorization.
I haven't flown in the Detroit Class B. The Blue Angels would have been at 1,000 AGL minimum and probably 500 to 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle along the route. In order to get the shot that he did, I am betting that the guy was way above 400 AGL.

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