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Now that my No. 765 shot is on, I must admit my ardor for it has cooled.

When we submit here, we as photographers are vulnerable. We have let down our guard, our shields, as we let our precious babies out into the cold, cruel world for the first time. We have great expectations; we love our babies. Therefore when they are rejected, we hurt because we want everyone to love our them as much as we do.

Of course, most of us, including me, are more thick-skinned and do not allow these feelings to surface thus I expect most here would dispute this.

I am just speaking metaphorically of course.

Now that my shot of No. 765 is out, I see the flaws, particularly that it is dark and the sky dull; still if you look close, it does work and work very well.

Thanks for everybody for the comments. This feedback, the give and take that RP provides, I attribute to giving me so much insight on how to improve my own photography since I joined in 2006.

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