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Originally Posted by WisconsinCentral View Post
Not so fast, Mr. Medlin.

SD9, the CN doesn't change reporting marks when repainting power, and many of their long-term leased power was given WC, GTW, and IC reporting marks in the past. People seemed to only look at the CN logo and assume it's a CN engine, which it is not. If it says IC under the cab, it's an IC engine. It's not there for show, it means something. Yet so many just say it's CN 6924, or CN 6122, etc.

So, EJ&E will still be EJE as in the latest repaint of the 668, right? Now,under the heading of Locomotive Details should it be Canadian National Railway or Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway, I understood that when CN took over they are still operating as the EJ&E the way the agreement was done, in the examples below which one is right? (I suppose I should be dropping the ampersand on the Locomotive number)
Image © Bill Grenchik
PhotoID: 340047
Photograph © Bill Grenchik

Image © Brandon Kilgore
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Photograph © Brandon Kilgore

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