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When I was learning, I was told that your shadow should be pointing at what you want to photograph. If it's not, the image will be back-lit. This is a good technique for any photo you take. Even when people ask me to take their picture at a park or something, I will use my shadow to make sure it's a good pic.

High sun is also a killer, but during the summer months, it's almost unsafe to be outside during that time in the summer.

It sucks because basically, only half of the trains you will see you can photograph, and on slow days, that can really be a pain in the ass.

Now there are some ways to do a good backlit shot you can see on here.

One other common rejection you might get is "cloudy day common power." It's basically they don't accept pictures of common trains on cloudy days. Now they may accept uncommon and rare trains (steam trains, executive trains, one in a life time movements, etc) but keep in mind those are the uncommon ones.

Good luck and keep trying, one thing about trains, there will always be another one along.

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