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Default Central of Georgia

Got a tip from a crewman that the NS's "Central of Georgia" is going to roll tonight. It will be within an hour of me, on an RCPE train. The crew said they'd put it on point for me, if I wanted. I will know exactly when it's scheduled, and that's likely about 11pm tonight. Odds are I won't get home until 2am though. I have to work tomorrow.

So, what do I do? I'm not really "into" the heritage units, and usually don't get excited about run-through power. The C of G is OK paint, not great. However...........the only night shot I've found of it is by Steve Barry. I know I can get a better one! Decisions, decisions. It's doable, I have a couple of very nice spots, cooperative crew, but do I really want to stay out until 2am on a cold night (~28 degrees) to catch an engine I'm only luke warm about? I'm thinking about it.

Kent in SD
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