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Originally Posted by Pat Lorenz
Many old guys will dis agree with me on this but i think the shipping container was the best thing that happend to railroads. I dont think the railroads would have grown or would have been as profitable as they have been, had it not been for the container.
No argument there. Last year intermodal surpassed coal for the first time as the largest revenue source for the industry. Major investments in recent years demonstrate this trend. Alameda Corridor, BNSF's expansion of terminals in Chicago (Joliet) and DFW (Alliance), UP's construciton of Global III on Rochelle, major clearance projects on CR and later NS, investment by CSX in their Chicago - Atlanta corridor, KCS's partnership wth NS west of Birmingham, etc. etc. CSX is increasiing capacity in their Chicago -Atlanta and southeast corridor.

We can thank SP for poineering double stack concept in the late 1970's. SP 513300 now is the property of the California State Railroad Museum.

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