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In reverse order:

you properly posted the link. The thumbnail is not possible for a rejection.

I don't have a good monitor for color. But this one is so bad, so oversaturated, that even on this monitor, it is an easy call. As for color balance, that is harder to read given the over saturation, but I am guessing that you will find the blues and reds still overdone. And it's too dark - brightening it will also affect the perception of color to some extent. So my suggesting is to brighten and desaturate and then think about what you are seeing. For one, the roadbed and track should not look like they are on a taconite line.

Also, you have a slide dust speck upper right near the edge. You also have a variety of small black dots in the middle of the sky which seem unlikely to be birds but rather more slide dust specks. The sky is also rather pixellated, which on a clear blue sky is actually a pretty easy fix, just select the sky and blur - don't select the bit of cloud in the middle.
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