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This is a properly exposed Kodachrome. I've been saving as jpeg, and I have used the Kodachrome vs. transparency setting. Will saving as a TIF produce a better exposure than jpeg? Is the so-called Kodachrome setting working against me?

You're using the right setting. I haven't scanned slides for a couple of months, so I'd have to walk myself through a couple to suggest anything further. Maybe I didn't catch it earlier what scanner are you using?

Photoshop CS6 is on a DVD, the last one Adobe published before taking everybody kicking and screaming into The Cloud. You might be able to buy a used CS6 on ebay.

... or as Thias suggests, get on the next plane to Tokyo.

Any file format may be opened in Camera RAW, but you can't do as much with a jpeg because you don't have enough data to begin with. Scanning into a TIF gives you the most data you can extract from a transparency.
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