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It is difficult to name the traffic on the east end. My personal opinion is that is seems to be just as busy as ever, just a lot different than it was 3 years ago. I would guess to say that about 3 times a week a hopper train comes out of Mingo and heads to Connellsville. Usually with 3 SD's for power.

Also, Rehobeth Spur has undergone a lot of maintenance for what I would assume be some type of new customer. This is the spur on the east end of Rook. I guess time will tell whether or not that is true.

There is also a daily ( about 6 days a week) local that does work in Bruceton at the AVR connection as well as in Mifflin with the URR. There are also cars that need to be moved to CSX in Connellsville and the SWP. They also seem to work the industry at Rook randomly. Trains don't necessarily work all these connections each day, but any of the 7 days of the week are a legitimate day to catch something.
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