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Originally Posted by TAMR159 View Post
I certainly hope you intend to write a few letters regarding this matter. From what I can tell, this incident occurred in the parking lot, a public area where you had the right to be. As for the radio, only the ACT of transmitting is illegal - if you transmitted over it in front of the cop, then it'd be a whole 'nother story. Did this radio have CSX markings on it? If so, then it could very well have been stolen and sold on eBay, which you obviously had no way of knowing. Either way, I'd write a few to the Amtrak police, another to the CSX police, and perhaps the Sheriff's agency to see what became of the radio. Unfortunately, railfans are indeed not allowed in the station areas as per the new rules, so there is little you can do here (even if the cop was a prick).

Should the radio be indeed stolen and you won't get it back, there are other options. An amateur radio in the VHF band along with a Ham radio license (very easy to acquire) is virtually bullet-proof, in that no LEO can take it away from you simply for listening in to the railroad (and if they do, they're likely in the wrong and could face disciplinary measures themselves). I'm guessing the radio was a run-of-the-mill Motorola MT-1000 - they're plentiful on eBay and there are plenty of places that can program them for you (they can also be programmed so that they will not transmit).
Totally inaccurate. You cannot posess a two way radio that is capable of AAR frequency transmit without an FCC license. To the OP, the cops had EVERY right to confiscate your radio.
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