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The lighting is really good but there are shadows from the station and the nose is always dark in every pic I take because the tracks run almost directly north/south. Maybe ill have to find another location.
Bingo Ed. North-running locomotives can be a problem. You can use tools like Google Earth and others to research the lines in your area to look for publicly-accessible spots where the line curves to the west or northwest. That would give you a fighting chance for a well-lit shot.

Just FYI, the reason why you didn't get more hits on your request for assistance may have had something to do with the fact that this is the Digital Processing Forum. While theoretically, there should be LOTS of activity here, you'll find that most of the activity is in the Railroad Photography Forum. I would post this type of question there in the future. Also be aware that when you do, you'll get all kinds of opinions, some of which aren't always tactful. When you post stuff around here, you have to have a thick skin!

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