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Supporters of the project an idea that has been on the drawing board for about 20 years said it would create 6,000 construction jobs and thousands more jobs afterward, as well as ease train delays in a region with one of the nation's longest commute times.
Wow, 6000 (temporary) construction jobs for the bargain price of only $9 billion! That works out to $1.5 million per job; what a steal! As to how a new tunnel which basically only enhances an already existing route creates "thousands more jobs afterward," I'd love to hear someone explain that.

The "blue states" where this kind of unadulterated spending has gone on for decades (California and Jersey are both right at the top of the list, Charles) are teetering on the edge of insolvency. Going a further $5 to 9 billion in debt because some people think we "need it" simply doesn't pass muster anymore... not when we're in debt up to our eyeballs with no foreseeable way out.

New Jersey is in fiscal crisis for the ages, and good on Gov. Christie for having the courage to make the tough (and sometimes unpopular) decisions!
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