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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
There have certainly been warmer summers in the past...long ago. Was that global warming then? Also, one "record setting" summer is going to prove the theory of global warming? How is that acceptable in proving it while recent record setting winters don't count to disprove it?
It's not one, it's a pattern of them lately. Coincidance? Maybe

So you listen to Rush, yet you think he's a blowhard? I'm guessing Rush said that with tongue firmly planted in cheek, as he says a LOT of things facetiously just to gut under the skin of left wing nutjobs.
I dont listen too often, and it seems every time I do, he says some of the most absurd things. A lot of it does not seem to be tongue in cheek either.

I'm no republican, and I'm certainly not a conservative, but I can see and appreciate his shtick from a mile away, ever since the first time I listened to him back in 1986 when he was on local radio in Sacramento. I just think it's really funny when libs get all worked up by what he says and they don't even listen to his show to hear the context of what he said.
I understand it's part of his shtick, I really do, but what's funny about it is his hard core audience does not see it as shtick, they think it's real, and that's kind of frightening because some of those people vote. I think that's why we ended up with 2 terms of bush. Well, at least 1 term of bush, John Kerry was an idiot.
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