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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
Rooting against the President of the United States is rooting against America.

I don't care who is President, if he is elected by the people, he is President.

It was wrong when W was attacked and it's wrong when Obama is attacked... but it started with Rush against Clinton. And he's stated that and is proud of it.
Started with Rush against Clinton? Are you kidding me? People of opposing parties have been attacking presidents for years. The President shouldn't be untouchable. If he isn't performing his job, then he most certainly should be open to criticism just like everyone else in this country. That shouldn't be defined as "rooting against America."

Those same people who elected (hired) the President to do his job have all the right in the world to criticize him when he fails at it.

Plenty of libs out there were proud of attacking both Junior and Senior as well as Reagan. I've listened to a lot of left wing talk radio over the years to be well aware of that, not to mention friends (and non-friends) and family members.

I just think it's really funny that democrats are so quick to defend Obama when he's criticized, and at times sound offended, yet they were silent when their fellow libs were attacking Bush Jr. and Sr.
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