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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Started with Rush against Clinton? Are you kidding me? People of opposing parties have been attacking presidents for years. The President shouldn't be untouchable. If he isn't performing his job, then he most certainly should be open to criticism just like everyone else in this country. That shouldn't be defined as "rooting against America."

Those same people who elected (hired) the President to do his job have all the right in the world to criticize him when he fails at it.

Plenty of libs out there were proud of attacking both Junior and Senior as well as Reagan. I've listened to a lot of left wing talk radio over the years to be well aware of that, not to mention friends (and non-friends) and family members.

I just think it's really funny that democrats are so quick to defend Obama when he's criticized, and at times sound offended, yet they were silent when their fellow libs were attacking Bush Jr. and Sr.
You didn't notice the difference between the tenor of that attacks on Clinton versus against Papa Bush, Reagan, Carter, and Ford? Maybe you're too young to have lived through it. The attacks on Clinton - sending an indie prosecutor against him who was going after him for a real estate deal that he lost money on and nailing him for lying about sex (untwist that pretzel). We may just have to agree to disagree here, but the venom, vitriol, and pure hatred was nothing in the 70s and 80s like it was in the 90s.

There's a difference between criticizing he President and telling lie after horrific lie about him - claiming he doesn't love the country for example. Liberals were absolutely wrong doing it against W and Conservatives are wrong doing it against Obama. What happened to decorum? What happened to love of country? Who are these folk?

Maybe I've become the old guy in the corner yelling "get off my lawn," but I remember when folks had some respect and tried to work together. If someone had said about Reagan or Carter what Rush says today, he would be an utter failure. No one would listen.

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