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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
I've been listening to and a fan of talk radio for over 25 years. I've heard it all, especially from liberals who have been less than gracious about Reagan.

It's human nature. People have, and always will, criticize and attack those who share a different political belief.
Less then gracious isn't an issue. As you noted before, there is nothing wrong with criticizing each other (for example, there are lots of opinions on this thread, and no one has said anything that crossed the line).

I never once heard RR described as being a worse enemy of the USA then the Soviets (who were the big USA enemy at the time). And even if I had, the Soviets were not the horrific perps of attacks on US soil (AQ) that latter Presidents have been called worse than.

I know you've been an adult for a long time - my point was the five or ten years longer that I've been one is the exact time frame that you think the internal hatred was as high. My memory is that it wasn't. There was huge amounts of criticism and people had bad things to say about the other party, yes, but that was Little League compared to what goes on today.

The shift was in 1993, when I think frankly, a certain AM radio host rose to superstar status. But I'm not the only one who thinks this. Said superstar radio host feels the same way - and is proud for what he's done.
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