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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Agreed, but it is amazing to me that it has shifted in this particular way to this extent.
I believe it's a direct result of the internet and cable television. If we don't like the news, we can go find an outlet that provides us with a different version of the story that we do like.

The folks who were the fringe (on both sides) in earlier times are now the mainstream and have their beliefs both confirmed and even further radicalized by the information sources they choose.

In a weird way, the belief in compromise and governing for the good of the people that we once had was rare (unique to the USA and some other Western Democracies). Today, we are becoming more like the rest of the world where the extremes are far more powerful than those who get things done (and those extremes are more interested in maintaining power by cowtowing to their radical bases than they are in keeping the machinery oiled and operational).

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