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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
As I was reading your last reply to my previous post, all I could think of was things are so different these days because of the internet. Then I read J's comment and my thought was reinforced. It appears you and I agree on at least one thing by your latest post.

Internet forums, newsgroups (remember those?) and blogs have certainly increased awareness of opinion when it comes to political figures...including the President. The human nature comment I made earlier is magnified to the millionth degree (or perhaps even more!) on the internet. It's so easy to find it, as opposed to say, 20+ years ago. You can bet people still felt the same way and said the same things about political figures they opposed, but there just wasn't the outlet that there is now. Rush certainly made it easy for people to voice their opinions (including his) on a national scale, but progress in technology has taken it so far beyond what kind of impact Rush or any other talk radio host can have...IMO.

Wait, wasn't this thread about global warming?
In reverse order -

Yes, and that's why you and I are making so much hot air.

Yes, we have found common ground. The difference is that "established figures" are now taking part in the ugliest side of it. The internet has been the biggest part of their becoming "established" (although AM radio and cable TV have helped - and obviously in one case, been more important).

Essentially, the bar conversations have become the new mainstream media.
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