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Default 50 Shades of blue- Calibration issue

Curious - I saw my recently posted image of SOU #630 to RP and on my cell phone (I-phone) has a purplish colored sky. Not much warmth either. I was surprised I uploaded it that way and figured it needed a tweak and re-upload.

When I saw it again on my computer monitor, however, it looked great. Blue sky, nice summer day brilliance and warmth. Back to the I Phone - cool and purple.

What's odd is that another shot looks exactly the same on my cell and monitor - blue sky, some brilliance and a touch of warmth.

How can only one image be off? Checked the profiles - they are the same. How can this be?

This is what I'm seeing -
What I see on my computer screen (Cell phone capture of the screen).

What I see on my cell phone screen (Cell phone screen capture of web page).

What color sky is everyone seeing on the Southern #630 photo?

Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 530706
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

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