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Default A ruined day

Thanksgiving Break gave me 8 days to come back home, visit friends, family, and trains. Pardon the long report w/ few pics, it was an odd days as you'll read.

Monday was the day I had allocated to hit up Stevens Pass for the day and railfan my brains out for the 3 months I hadnt seen a train. As I packed up all my stuff, I did not know what was happening just a few miles away from my house.

I gased up and took to the highway. In Monroe, I noticed that, oddly, the Boeing local was stopped for no real reason. My dad called me at that moment to tell me that the Sounders had been cancelled because of a derailment. He didnt know how serious it was and no news reports said how serious it was (at the time, it was still early). I thought nothing of it, and continued up the hill.

Arriving in Goldbar, I noticed an abandon train. Still running, on the siding. Snapped a couple of shots and contiuned up. Baring had the same results. Odd, I thought, as I contiuned east.

I arrived at the Cascade Tunnel, when I hear over NPR that there was a derailment blocking both main lines in Everett and the line wasnt going to open for another 14 hours. After yelling some profane language, I turned around and went back west to the derailment.

In Everett, Im driving towards the site, thinking to myself "wouldnt it be interesting if I went down there and Ross Fotheringham was there too." Thinking hte odds were low, I turned my mind back to trains and the radio.

I go out to a park that has access to the site, but it was high tide, so I was forced to stay on the ped bridge over the tracks. 3 people were there, a man with a camera, and a woman w/ her daughter.

I whip out my camera to take some pics, when the woman asked me if I went to Washington State U (I was wearing a WSU shirt), I replied yes. The man with the camera asked me the same question, then said "Are you Mike Bjork." I reply "Yes, who are you?" The man, to my amusement says "Im Ross Fotheringham." And we converse for a while, the depart. Heres his shot of the scene, as I didnt get a good one.
Image © Ross Fotheringham
PhotoID: 165964
Photograph © Ross Fotheringham

We depart, he goes back to work, and I get closer to the scene. Going down a service road, I get within 200' of the derailment and shoot off many shots. Heres some good ones.
Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 166780
Photograph © Mike Bjork

Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 166781
Photograph © Mike Bjork

Time passed, I watched them clean up, talked ot many people, then moved to the other side of the derailment via a train along the port.
Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 166779
Photograph © Mike Bjork

It begins to rain like crazy, when I remember that they would be holding trains at Everett Station. I drive overe there just as it gets dark and get some great night shots at the station. However, I was tripodding it, but forgot to turn the ISO from 400 to 100, so all my shots came out very grainy. But one was good enough to put on
Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 166782
Photograph © Mike Bjork

Then I headed home. I know some of you guys would like to see derailments, and this was my first major derailment. But dangit, I want mainline action, not mainline action in the water. Oh well, back in Pullman, and Christmas Break is coming up, maybe my luck will change then...
~Mike Bjork

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