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Default Lightroom issues and settings -

I've been digging deeper into Lightroom testing the waters and have found a few issues to be frustrating - perhaps a few "quick fixes" are known and can be shared here?

Random stuff -

1) S L O W... why so slow? Maybe I'm just asking for to much, but my set up is rather impressive:
Intel custom built system with 3.3 Ghz I7 six core with 32 gig of DDR 4 memory and an SSD set up as the scratch disk and an AMD Radeon R9 200 Series video card with, if I recall correctly, 4 GB of DDR5 memory. My intention was to move to Apple but going with a custom system seemed to offer a much better bang for the buck.

Why am I waiting for thumbs to render into high resolution previews? I had hoped it would be instantaneous vs anywhere from 2 to 6 seconds to view Canon 22 MP RAW images. Am I expecting too much? What options are available to speed this up? I really dislike looking at a blurry image for 4 seconds when I'm attempting to look at dozens in quick succession. For instance, finding the sharpest pan in a series.

Does anyone STORE their images on an SSD? I recall a setting available to pre-render high res images - is it worth it or are there many trade offs that go along with that setting? Not just speed and space, but don't you end up with two files or a need to resync files or apply edits back to the original file? Or was it you had to rename a directory so LR would not see the original files while working on pre-rendered files??

2) With regards to the "vertical" adjustment - why is it that sometimes it controls the perspective while at other times, it instead stretches the shot top to bottom? I didn't take note of a "maintain crop nor aspect ratio" selection box anywhere.

3) Is there a setting to view or maintain camera presets? Pics look great until the high res version renders - then the images look dark, dull and flat.

4) Another issue: I'll make my adjustments in LR, then open in PS. Once I like what I see, I'll save the shot in PS. When I then open that edited shot - it looks great just about everywhere (or, should I say, as edited) EXCEPT in Lightroom where it has it's own unique look - if I recall correctly viewing the same shot in the LR library, the image is brighter (but looks as edited /expected when opened elsewhere).


(Trying to find some Google search time to spare, along with a helping of YouTube tutorials...)
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