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Hi Mitch,

I am not certain that I can answer all of your questions, but here are a few comments:

WRT previews..... When I download from the card, I have Lightroom's Import screen set up to "Render Full-Size Previews." Yes, that does take some time, but once done, reviewing full-size images one after another happens pretty quickly on my set-up, which is a year old, but much less powerful than yours. If you don't create the full-size previews when importing, then yeah, your computer will do it image by image, as you attempt to page through them. My process probably does suck up more hard drive space than yours, but reviewing images is quicker.

I have no idea what an SSD is, so I can't help you there.

Before you attempt to correct perspective, are you applying the Lens Profile for the glass you are using? Those standard profiles really do make the image look better. I apply them automatically as part of a Preset that I typically run on an image that I intend to edit. WRT the Vertical Perspective Slider, most of the time, it does correct VP rather nicely, but yes, on some images, it is not terribly helpful. I do use it, and the Rotate feature to level the image and correct perspective. I rarely use the other sliders in the Perspective Section of the Edit Module.

WRT Camera Presets.... I am assuming those are the settings in your camera that affect the look of the JPEG you see on the LCD after you capture the image.....correct? Nikon calls those "Picture Controls." To look at Adobe's version of those, take a look down in the Camera Calibration Section of the Edit Module. There should be a feature called "Profile." Use the drop-down box to select the one closest to what you use. On my camera, I use Nikon's "Standard" (SD) Picture Control and I don't customize it. Looking in Lightroom, if I pick "Camera Standard", I will see the image rendered as Adobe thinks Nikon's SD Picture Control should look. Of course, Nikon didn't share any of the details of SD with Adobe, so what I see is their best attempt at reverse engineering. I will often also look at "Adobe Standard" and see if I like that better. I believe there is a way to download customized profiles to Lightroom, so you can get Lightroom to recognize any adjustments you made to your camera's standard profiles, but I have not gotten that sophisticated in my edits. As noted, I don't customize my camera Picture Controls like some other photographers that you and I both know.

And yes, I have noticed that when I go back and forth between LR and PSE, the "look" of the image can vary a little bit. I just attribute that to the fact that the team that supports Lightroom are probably different people than the ones that support PS or PSE. The programs may all be Adobe, and they all work together, but they are different. For example, adding +1 shadows in each of those programs appears to do slightly different things to the image.

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