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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
Actually, I've seen some amazingly bad high sun get in of late too, stuff I'm not sure I would push the shutter on, let alone submit.
I suspect including, let it be said forthright, my shot!

Image © Janusz Mrozek
PhotoID: 435166
Photograph © Janusz Mrozek

I was not sure if the composition or subject matter would warrant acceptance despite the harsh light, and would have not objected had it been rejected. Just as I don't object to the acceptance of Nikos' shot, although as a screener I would have kicked it out for harsh light. (As an admin, I might clarify the language in the rejection choices.)

As an uber-screener, of course, I would have written two paragraphs in the screener comments section explaining exactly why! Ha ha! No way!!!!!
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