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You may also want to consider simply finding the good, "American-style" shots on RP, and doing an article contrasting those with shots taken in a "European-style," perhaps even at the same or similar locations.

You might consider these to be "American-style" or more creative than the European norm; I have to wonder whether the style is in fact universal. At any rate, given current political/cultural conflict, it may behoove you to include as much European photographer work as possible!

Image © francois iliovici
PhotoID: 143426
Photograph © francois iliovici

Image © apothequer
PhotoID: 196580
Photograph © apothequer

Image © J.Lago
PhotoID: 194381
Photograph © J.Lago

Image © mtnsuborg
PhotoID: 189693
Photograph © mtnsuborg

Image © Craig Walker
PhotoID: 192442
Photograph © Craig Walker

Image © Always de Sun
PhotoID: 167482
Photograph © Always de Sun

Image © apothequer
PhotoID: 188809
Photograph © apothequer

Image © Richard Stevens
PhotoID: 167494
Photograph © Richard Stevens

Image © Brian Stephenson
PhotoID: 185521
Photograph © Brian Stephenson

Image © Stanislav Zapletal
PhotoID: 183608
Photograph © Stanislav Zapletal

and, FINALLY (been scrolling through my comments section for a long time!), the one I was thinking of
Image © il dottore
PhotoID: 182136
Photograph © il dottore

For that matter, do a profile of Michael Rhodes!

I will also, immodestly, suggest you look at some of my Frankfurt and Thalys pictures, not in the levels of quality above but along the lines you are thinking.
My RP pix are here.
My Flickr pix are here.

My commentaries on rail pictures are in my blog.

RP Photo Albums:
Engine Details
Farm and Train
Railroad Details
Signal Details
Switchstand Shots

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