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Originally Posted by Firefighter1019 View Post
Going through my series of pics and right before this shot the train was pushing thick black exhasut. The blur is def from the heat because the after shots as it got closer are completely fine.
The whole image appears to be soft even to the point of calling it blurry.

It's a legitimate rejection, one I'm surprised you can not see.

Heat distortion works when the distortion (blur) is where it's suppose to be, not the entire shot leaving not even the nose out of focus.

Just because closer shots are in focus does not mean the blur was from heat - it could be a depth of field issue or your focus point not being where it should've been to properly focus the engine when it was further back. Maybe it started to hunt? Maybe as the train came closer it came into focus. Either way, and even if it was heat distortion, it's not an appealing photo because of the blur.

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