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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
F8 and be there...

Try to strive for F8 and 1/400 as the slowest shutter speed for moving stuff. Up your ISO to get there, if you have any sort of modern DSLR, it should be able to handle it. I try to do 1/500 or faster when I can.

F9? Why? No need, F8 is sufficient for a shot like that
ISO 100? Why?
1/200? Why, too slow. That's motion blur, not exhaust blur.

ISO 200 or better, coupled with F8 will give you the ability to go for a faster shutter speed, which is what you need
I had my settings higher but not what you suggested. My brother said he used my camera while I was scoping out a spot and he changed the settings on me by accident. Ha
But im gonna try and shoot what you suggest next time. Thanks
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