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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Holy rose-colored glasses, Batman!!

Yikes, that is really strange! On my work laptop, both of Bernie's images have a strong....I mean STRONG, pink color-cast. But when I look at them on an IPAD, they might have a just a touch more red tint that they should, but they look much more natural.

When I saw those show up in the thread yesterday, I was at work (working from home ) and I could not figure out how those two PINK images ever got past the screeners. That's usually not a difficult thing to fix. Now, I am struggling to understand how they could look so different on a variety of displays. I've never seen that before either.

Does anybody have a good explanation? I am all ears.
I have no clue, but the same thing occurs to me with those two images. Looks horrid on the site, and perfectly normal in a photo editor.

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