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Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
I might get the order messed up in order of how the traffic would move, but Lehigh Railway, Reading & Northern, and one (or more?) of the North Shore operations. Does this wind up essentially being an extension of the seasonal moves worked out between NSHR and RBMN, or is that something totally different? I've never had a clear understanding of how that joint run works, so I would appreciate any clarification/explanations you can offer.

Also, it is possible that I misread the intent of the statement I saw-- it's possible that these are railroads experiencing major traffic due to frac sand, rather than a joint train between them, or it may just be between a couple of them, such as coming off the R&N (TMSL), to the Lehigh Railway up to WCOR. If you haven't heard anything on your side, it may be that the Lehigh Railway was mistakenly called the LVRR, which I interpreted to be the Lycoming Valley. I will certainly update with better info if I see it.
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