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Default Processing with PSE8

Recently, I find myself longing for the days of shooting Fuji Sensia 100 with my trusty Nikon N80! I switched to digital a couple years back and have been largely unhappy with my efforts to date. The overwhelming majority of my pictures are rejected by RP for being too soft. Through the RP Forums, I have determined the problem appears to be in post processing with PSE8 and not with the actual image from the camera. I am shooting in RAW format and the image is clear and crisp in PSE8. When I resize the image and convert to JPEG however, the image quality is drastically reduced. I picked up a book, spent quite a bit of time reading posts from this forum and experimented on my own. What I have discovered is that when I attempt to sharpen (tried both the Unsharp Mask Tool and Auto Sharpen), the image immediately looks jagged when even a minimal amount of sharpening is applied.

I would like to hear from people who are processing their RAW images in PSE8, to determine exactly what steps they are taking to process their images prior to submitting them to RP. What setting are you using in Unsharp Mask? Am I better off just shooting JPEG's?

Please understand that we all have different opinions of what the best process is, and I do not want to start a debate between forum members. I just want to get a concensus of what people are doing.

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