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I'm with you, I miss my film!!!
Post processing is a frustrating thing for me, being an older person. My kids pick this computer stuff up better than me.
I convert my RAW to a TIFF, making some adjustments to color, contrast, and brightness if required. I then resize to a 1024 wide JPEG and then use the Adjust Sharpness set at 50 and .5 for Gaussian Blur, OR I just hit Autosharpen and see what happens. If it looks too jaggy, I'll undo it and give it the 50 and .5 for Gaussian Blur and try it. I'm still trying to figure this PSE8 stuff out also, and today was actually considering buying an order of slide film and just letting the kids use the DSLR. I guess we just need to persevere!!
I tried TAMR159's method from another thread, but could't even figure out how to get to Lab Color mode. It doesn't help that I don't understand the lingo used by the younger folks.


Originally Posted by TAMR159 View Post
I always sharpen before resizing; first I convert to Lab Color mode, then I select the Lightness layer only. I usually hit it with USM at 140%, radius 1.0, threshold 0. It looks a bit over-sharpened before resizing, but ends up being very crisp once resized (I resize using plain ol' Bicubic). I then use the sharpening hand tool (click and hold the water drop on the toolbar, then select the triangle) at 20% to touch up details, again in the Lightness layer only before converting back to RGB. This process has yielded the best results for me by a long shot, making everything crisp and clear without the jagged lines showing up (it's also helped me save some photos that were a bit soft at full resolution).
I love the cold weather.
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