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You will likely find them working the transload at the DOT yard in Gravel Hill, DE. They are now handling a lot of dried distillers grain (DDG) there, which is distributed to area farms as livestock feed. When I was there about a month ago, the ex A&D RS36 was at the transload, though it faces west and was nose coupled to the grain hoppers. You can get a simple shot of them at the transload pretty easily, depending on how far down they are pulled. It is a mid morning shot, optimally. Pretty sure RS18 182 is within the confines of the Indian River Power Plant working the stone unloading operation there. That is not publicly accessible.

They run to Lewes on an erratic schedule, maybe once or twice a week. Their shop is within the industrial park at the Georgetown airport, which is accessed from the west side of the field. Don't let the guard booth worry you-- just smile and wave as you drive by and look for the shop on your right toward the end of the park.

They are generally friendly with visitors, and should be able to tell you if anything other than transloading is going on for the day.
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